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What is drop shipping?

Drop Shipping or Blind shipping is the technique in which the merchandise is instantly shipped out from the supplier's warehouse direct to the final customer. That procedure is done avoiding the delivery to the distributor's warehouse that sold the merchandise to the final customer. This is one of the most used logistics process in order to save time and money.


What is a pallet? What is a Gaylord?

A pallet is a wooden skid, designed to transport and support a variety of goods. The standard pallet dimensions are 48 x 40 inch, and height of the pallet will vary depending on the type of merchandise. The pallets are usually 4 feet high and can be up to 6-7 feet tall. Gaylord's are extra heavy duty boxes that are mounted on pallets for shipping loose items.


What Does F.O.B. Mean?

F.O.B. means Freight On Board or Free On Board. This indicates us the where the merchandise is located at. And also that the buyer is responsible for shipping and additional chargers from pick up location to the destination point.   That way we can give all our customers the same price for a specific product. The shipping and extra chargers will vary depending on location of the customer.


What additional charges do I have to pay?

There is only one charge you need to pay. The cost of the merchandise and the shipping costs if you want us to arrange your shipping.


Who is responsible for the shipping and what are the costs?

We deal with different shipping companies and provide you with quotes at best prices as possible. However, you can arrange your own shipping and you are not obligated to use the freight companies we work with.


How do I pay for freight?

Normally we will provide you the shipping company information. In your invoice we will detail the name of the company who will pick up your merchandise as well as the shipping and handling fees. Once your merchandise has been picked up we will provide you a tracking number, for you to get online and follow up the status of your shipping.


What is the correct way to make my payment?

We accept only wire transfers, money orders and cashier checks; this is the easier secure and faster way to do it. The payment can be done in the first twenty four hours after the sale.


Can I buy in smaller quantities and what is the minimum?

We are very interested and flexible to help you at the moment you buy. For this reason some minimum quantities do apply in some merchandiseFor this reason some minimum quantities do apply in some merchandise and lots. Just let us know what your necessities and interest are, and we'll ready to solve your requirements.


Can I advertise brand names?

Some department stores have terms and conditions about restrictions in their brand names and own name stores merchandise. Sales contract must be signed as agreement of these policies before to buy the merchandise. Anyway it doesn't limit you to advertise branded goods as market strategy.


How can I trade and get deals with your company?

Every day we have new lots of merchandise coming in and it's hard for us to advice our clients right on time by internet during these offers hours. So the easy way for you is to call us daily and ask about it. We'll give you our availability and update with the latest offers. However, your name we'll be in a mailing list with our products, prices and special promotions.



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