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General Merchandise
General Merchandise sold by the Pallet and also by the Truckload. Pallets General Merchandise Store Returns contain: Tools, Toys, HBA, Houseware, small KD Furniture, Electronics, Infant Items, Luggage, Sporting Goods and more. Retail price per pallet is approx. $1.500. Our price is as low as $219 per pallet. The minimum order is 5 pallets. Pay $199 per pallet by the truckload. F.O.B. FL, IL, NV, GA and PA
Overstock General Merchandise by the pallet and by the truckload. Electronics, Luggage, Domestics, Furniture, Sporting Goods and more. Buy it for only $799 per pallet. The minimum order is 2 pallets F.O.B. FL.



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