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Hardgoods and Hardware
New Hardware & Tools: All surplus and overstock merchandise in original cases. We have many different items like Drill Sets, Pliers, Tape Measures, Power Tools, impact drills, electric Saws, Hammers, Wrenches, and more. Our price is $785 per pallet. The minimum order is 2 pallets. F.O.B. FL.

Hardgoods Store Returns Pallets from Department stores. Inclouding items such as Conventional Tools, Hand Tools, Small car Vacuum cleaners, tape measures, bungee cord sets, scissors, screws, wrenches, hand warmers, paint rollers, paint brushes, zip-ties, and much more. Goods quality merchandise. The minimum order is 5 pallets. Your Price as low as $215 Per pallet. F.O.B. CA, OH, GA


Industrial Machinery
We Have Electric Generators, Embroidery machines, Plastic Makers and more. Call For any Special Request !!!


Paint Load
Interior and Exterior Paints Pallets and Truck loads. We have a huge variety of and finishes, latex and oil based Paints. We have store returns and overstock Pallets. Each load contains 24 pallets per trailer approximately 140 to 144 gallons of paint per pallet. Prices as low as $2000.00 per trailer. F.O.B. CA, FL.
Mixed Tools pallets. Store returns from major Departement Stores: Brand Name Tools & Hardgoods include: Power Tools, Hand Tools, Air Compressors, Hammer holders,Screwdriver Sets, other merchandise. Our price is $249 per pallet. The minimum order is 5 pallets. F.O.B. CA, OH, GA.



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