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Imexcol Trading Wholesale

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Your source for grate deals on department store returns pallets, and huge variaty of merchandise New lots daily!
Imexcol Trading is an international trading company founded on the premises to be number # 1 wholesale supplier for our customers. We have houndreds of pallets of overstock, liquidation, surplus, closeouts, store returns and salvage merchandise. The list of our clients includes variety of vendors such as Exporters, Retailres, E-bay Power Sellers, Outlet Stores, Flea Market Vendors, Online Retailers, Auctioneers, Distributors, small Suppliers and Brokers at below wholesale value view more

We have Imports and Exports logistics services. Let us take care of the hard work of shipping from any point within the United States to any country. We pick up wholesale merchandise from your door and delivery to your warehouse at final destination. view more

Imexcol Trading is proud to be number #1 Wholesale and liquidation Market Supplier, since our first priority is our customers !!! We ship from different states such as FL, GA, OH, TX, NJ, NY, CA.

Imexcol Trading has weekley pallets, truckloads and lots of inventory comming up. The liquidation, closeouts, surplus, store returns, salvage and overstock pallets come directly from the Department Stores Facilities.

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Check out our prices for this week :

Wholesale liquidation pallets of Toys $950

Mixed Wholesale cosmetics satrting from $0,69 pc

Mixed wholesale clothing starting at $0,99 pc

Mixed sneakers starting at $5 pair

Hot liquidation deals by the pallet. Wholesale prices

Wholesale sneakers by the pallet

New Wholesale Brand Name sneakers such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Sketchers, Fila, New Balance, Puma and more. We have several options and deals available. All come in boxes. Prices starting as low $15.99 per pair. 250 pairs per pallet aprox. Available by the Truckload !!!

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Large variaty of Overstock food pallets Call for prices!


Buy Food by the Pallet or by the Truck. Pallets contain: Canned Goods, Spices/Seasonings, Beverages, Preserved Foods, pasta, cookies, candies, soups, and more. Prices Starting at $795 per pallet! Truckload available !!

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Find the best quality wholesale toys at the best prices in our place Call for prices


Find the best deals on Brand New Toys and Store Return Toys. Our huge selection includes diferent categories such as: Talking Toys, Power Wheels, Remote Control Toys, Dolls, Plush dolls, transportation Toys, Video Game Consoles, Educational Toys, Lego Toys, Electronic Toys, and many other Toys. Prices Starting at $399 per Pallet!

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Huge variety of New, Refurbishe and Store Returns electronics

Overstock, Refurbished, and Store Returns. Electronics below Wholesale prices. Great Variety including TVs, portable DVD's, mp3 players, digital cameras, stereo systems, PCs, Video Game Consoles, PSPs, XBox and much more. Prices starting at $765 per pallet! Truckloads and lots avilable !!

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Liquidation, Overstock, Surplus merchandise, Department Store Returns, Below Wholesale

Mixed Brand New Wholesale Clothing by the Lots, by the pallet or by the Truckload. We have the best prices in Store Returns, Wholesale and Overstock and Store Return Clothing. Men's, Women's and Kid's Clothing. Imexcol Trading has a huge variety of sizes and styles. Inclouding Brand names such as Xoxo,  Fubu, Liz Claiborne, Lucky Brand Dungare, Vince Inc, Polo, Oscar de la Renta, DKNY and much more. Prices starting at $1,95 per piece. 600 - 800 pcs per Pallet!!

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General merchandise pallets, Houseware, Luggage, Sporting goods, appliances and more at pennies EXCESS OF INVENTORY

General Merchandise Pallets and Truckloads. Great Variety of Overstock, Salvage and Store Return merchandise. Every day new Pallets available. Pallets contain: HBA, Houseware, Tools, Toys, appliances, Electronics, Babby merchandise, Luggage, Sporting Goods, Clothing and more. Our price is as low as $260 per pallet! By the truckload

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Other Wholesale and Closeouts Products

Mixed Store Return Jeans
Great mixed Store Return Jeans for mens and womens from the department stores for only $1,95 each !! view wholesale jeans

Overstock and Wholesale mixed Jeans. Only brand name mixed Jeans such as Alfred Dunner, Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, DKNY, Guess and more for as low as $ 7,95 each view wholesale jeans

Baby Wholesale and Overstock pallets

Buy beautiful baby products and overtock baby merchandise for prices below wholesale at only pennies. Pallets will include products such as Strollers, dish sets, toys, blankets, car seats, baby furniture, baby clothing, and more. Prices start at $895 per pallet or $699 per truckload!!!
view more baby products


Overstock Wholesale Sunglasses

Mixed Wholesale and overstock sunglasses for mens and womens in different colors and styles. We have a large variety of designs for the best prices in the market. Your price is only $0,55 each. view more wholesale accessories


New mixed Wholesale cosmetics

Large assortment of new wholesale cosmetics including brand names such as maybelline and covergirl. Buy them by the lot or by the case. Its a mixture of different cosmetics like foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, liner and more. view more wholesale cosmetics


Hargoods and General merchandise Store Returns

Buy excellent deals on Store Returns by the pallet, lot or Truckload. We have the lowest prices in General merchandise and Hardgoods from the department stores. Buy Truckloads of 48 and 24 pallets. Truckloads contain, Tools, toys, furniture, housware, sporting goods and more. Prices start at $260 per pallet. view more store returns


Imexcol Trading carries a huge variety of wholesale, overstock and surplus inventory like: Clothing, Electronics, Toys, HBA, Houseware, Shoes, General merchandise pallets and more...

We are Suppliers of the best quality Wholesale merchandise by the pallet and by the Truckload

Click here for Wholesale specials by the pallet !!!

Click here for Wholesale specials by the Truckload!!!

Imexcol Trading has daily Wholesale Merchandise specials:

We are Suppliers of a greate variaty of Wholesale Adult Products. Call for adult products list As low as $1,99 each !!

Wholesale adult productsClick here for more wholesale specials !!!

Imexcol Trading has miexed Overstock and Store Return brand name Jeans. Levis, CK, Guess, Nautica and more. Prices starting at $1,99 each !

Wholesale jeansClick here for more wholesale specials !!!

We have Overstock Fragrances and Lotions Brand name bottles of Mixed Men's & Women's Assorted Fragrances and Lotions. Over 100 different brands. Prices starting at $2,99 per bottle. wholesale fragances Click here for more wholesale specials !!!




TEL. 1 786 284 7787



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